One of the most-awaited events for the Dinagyang Festival 2010 is the annual search for the Miss Iloilo Dinagyang. Now that the Dinagyang fever is fast approaching here in Iloilo City, many on-going preparations are made in order to uplift more of what has become of one of the country's most spectacular and most-sought after festivities.

Vtach 2009

Before anything else, I'd like to thank my escorts, haha. RJ & Rofle... hehehe.
THey brought the bamboo & the apple... my dialouge with Michelle was like
"where's the missing lechon?" during my grand entrance... echos. hahaha.

The Poetry choir's performance was really amazing. ^ ^

my co-hosts, Nappy & Khristine. Michelle was my partner in the first part, hehehe.
Kharyl up there. ^ ^
We had to end the program earlier due to the rising water outside the campus. tsk.
The program was like Now or Never... Congratulations once again to everyone
who worked hard and gave all of their efforts in making our college once again champion for the past 7 years. ^ ^

Vtach 2009

Velocity... Vivacity... Victory, Sweet Dreams, effect?
Hahahaha. My day yesterday was like so whoah!
We also had a small merienda and meeting for the Mr. & Miss CPU people...
thanks Maam Illenburger! hehehehe... Kundi wala class sa Literature...
hehehehhe. Thanks also to Maam Ruegg. basta. hahahaha.

Today's our Victory Party na... huhuhuhu...
I'm still thinking on a lot of things regarding my grand chorva later...
hahahahaha... this will be the craziest thing I will ever do in the college...
I'll reveal it here soon. hahahahaha.

Thankyu also to JP for making this logo.. ^ ^

It's raining na naman... huhuhuhu... They said that the parade will be cancelled if ver the rain will continue... shuckz!

Tambi session

Walang klase eh,
no return demo.
Wala ba akong karapatang tumambi?
xempre meron,
its my life.

First stop Rob, see the post below for the Young Designers Guild new shop location.

Hindi po ako nalasing... tipsy tipsy lang...
pero harujusko,
my mouth was soo freaking ... blah blah blah,
but it was fun.

Watch Rizal is my President!

This a play about the election and what our heroes can say about it. Who are heroes think is right to be our president.

Directed by Alfredo Diaz

September 25, 2009
3pm and 6pm
Tickets @ Php100

For more infos, contact Tala Marie Taningco on Facebook.
Location: Colegio de San Jose Auditorium
It's still at Robinson's Place Iloilo. Visit them at the 2nd level.
Doddie Vril Tan, Jor-el Espina & moi. ^ ^
My gorgeous friendship, Ivan.

At first, I never thought of posting a response to the video below that I uploaded. But since it has become a haven for not soo good battle of opinions and comments regarding this event and the other events of the Uday of our university, i will post my final comment here nalang. coz its too long there and doesn't allow it. hahhaa.

First, I'd like to clear that this post is not against any other college of CPU, haha.

WE never point out someone/ some people as LOSERS for us
to prove that ours is the BEST.

We are the ones being bombarded, okay? This is just a response and this statement in one way or another does not involve the whole Nursing Student Council and our Governor, Mr. Ivlrii Laurino.

Hi nalang da sa mga friends ko sa iban colleges, hehehe. Please don't take this againts our personal relationship. Charoot! Basta bugnuhanay lng ta sa dalan love tka. hahahahaha.

blah blah blah! were still the overall champion! we u also tried ur best guys, but we are the best... hhehehe. open gli ang LDT sa Fri... its ur time to echos our Victory bash.


kaon kmu letchon?

hehehehehehehe... wala na dumtanay ah try ur luck in the next years... ky kmi yah we dont have to patol u that much and prove more things ky biskan mga alumni mangkuton nyu kun cnu ga shine mag UDay its NURsING....

any news bout the OTHERS??? better do your best than to make nonsense wakal2x okay??? the hell we care with other people's achievements.


sikat! gina istoryahan, gina echos, kag gina try i pull down.. bskan kmi gina bantayan kag gina suyaan permi we just do our best coz this is for the GLory of God naman as Centralians tni muna atun aims indi lang ang mga KABABAWAN bala ao. okay?

di na mag sabat. hahaha. kun gusto nyu pagd mag comment council nyu nalang pa sabta kay dow okihay man yah ang nursing council kag others... ako yah indi mahilig manago sa shadow kag mag sagad ka wakak2x,

i am council & we the nursing students stand for our Victory.

wala personal. professional lang tni bala... okay? ^ ^

simple lang bala kun mapatindog ko malang bangs nyu kag mapaputi kalimutaw nyu bala ao,


3rd Iloilo Bloggers meeting

Who did not enjoy? no one. hahaahha!
Lots of discussions, but MUCH food! hahahaahha!
Very enjoyable indeed. It was also nice to meet new friends and it was JP's 1st time to attend.
Till the next activity guys... September 29 right? hehehehe. I hope more people will join us para fun pagd, hehehehe. ^ ^
This was held last Sunday Night at Foreplay Resto Bar. Yapee Adorador shines in her gown by Angelette Borja-Ragus.